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Examinations are a great way for our dancers to progress, whether that be through medal tests or through our grades. This may sound daunting, but in fact it is a great way to build confidence and gain feedback from an external person.

Examinations are offered in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Theatre Craft and Street Dance with the International Dance Teacher's Association.

Students will go in for their exam and receive feedback plus a certificate and award around 6-8 weeks later.

Rosette Awards

Rosettes are offered to our youngest students (age 4-7) in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft and Street Dance. They are a great introduction into the exam format, as a teacher goes in with a group of up to 8 students.

Medal Tests

Medal Tests are offered in all styles of dance that we offer but we currently only enter students for Street Dance. As there are no grades for Street Dance, these are a great way to gain feedback to improve. Students enter the exam room without a teacher in groups of 4 or 5 and are assessed individually.

Graded Examinations

Graded examinations with the IDTA begin with Pre-Juvenile (Ballet) / First Steps (Tap), Preparatory and Primary followed by Grade 1-5. More serious students who have completed their grades can progress onto vocational grades - Intermediate, Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 - which require a higher level of commitment and training. Students enter the exam room without a teacher in pairs or 3's. There is also the option to do Classwork assessments whereby the teacher goes in with the students.

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